Monday, October 31, 2011

Chapter 19

19: The Defectors were slowly coming around to Mar's style of leadership.  He was not as brutal and sadistic as Richard Finestra, but he did have rules.  The first rule was that no one was to leave the school alone.  The second rule was that people listen to what Mar says because he would never do anything to harm them.  The third and final rule was that there were no lights allowed at night.  Mar knew that the Untaken were the enemy, not anyone of the Defectors.
  Under Rend, they had lived in fear of drowning.  Under Richard, they had lived in fear of any number of unspeakably horrible tortures and deaths.  Under Mar, they would learn to work together to defeat a common enemy. 
  Mar believed that the Collective and anyone who listened to their wishy washy Hierarchy were weak and pathetic.  They believed that the less solid something was, the more powerful it was.  The Nocent had the right idea.  They know the power of solidity.  That is why the humans fascinated them so.  An entire 70% of their bodies was composed of water, but it was the other 30% from which they derived their strength.  The brain in particular was a wonder and a mystery.  Muscles were endlessly intriguing.  Skin, hair, organs.  Everything about the human body spoke of power and ability.
  With so many human beings at the hotel, Mar knew that his small, ragtag group of people had no hope of success in a frontal assault.  No, their attack had to be more subtle.  Mar questioned the members of his group as to the make up of the amusement park.  They were more than happy to tell him everything they knew about it.  Now they were getting somewhere.  This was exactly how they were going to work together and bring those bastards down.

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